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Christian Albrecht

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Often when performing people ask me if I could not play a "happy song" for once. I then tell them that all the songs I'm playing make me incredibly happy, no matter how "sad" they are. :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a singer-songwriter I'm very much inspired by artists I listen to, such as Passenger, Gregory Alan Isakov, Stu Larsen, Mandolin Orange, Sons of the East and more. So you'll be not surprised to hear me performing a bunch of cover songs of my favourite artists. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apart from that I'm also writing my own songs, the first three of them – "Easy", "Jealous" & "Wise Little Wolf" are also featured on my very first (live-)album "Lanterns in the Darkness" which came out in June 2020. PS: Check it out! ;) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finding someone with a similar taste in music is hard, having someone to perform it with is a true privilege - which I, thankfully, have! My good friend Alice aka friia ( and me love to perform together, so hit us up to play in your living room! :) You can listen in here:

Music folk indie pop singer-songwriter
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I'm here because I love making people happy by playing them the music I love. I'm hoping to find some locations and living rooms to perform and I'd love to get to know people who have a similar taste in music as I do.
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I'm happy if I get contacted by you - no worries, I am more cheerful than the music I make :)

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