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Iván Muela is a young multi-instrumentalist, composer and engineer based in London. His music relies heavily on warm sounding pianos, strings and abstract surreal sounds, ultimately resulting in a sway of beautiful melodies and fascinating textures. Placing special emphasis on capturing the moment, his compositions are splattered with improvisation and chance. In 2015, Iván releases 59:54, an album of piano works written and recorded within one hour. A few months later, American label Fluttery Records releases Iván’s most ambitious work: Unsound. Shortly after, he releases Glow, a conceptual EP of drone and ambient music made entirely with sounds coming from a grand piano. In 2019, Iván starts a new string of releases with 'Five Questions'. This is an EP of piano works born out of the idea of writing some music in complete darkness, eventually intertwining an array of musical snippets composed just before drifting off to sleep.

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