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I'm an artist from Leipzig / Germany. I'm pretty new to this wonderful community and i really like the idea behind. I play regular shows and tours, but i always liked and still like to play intimate shows like so called "Wohnzimmerkonzerte" too. i bring my own stage piano and the travel party is me plus someone who helps me on tour and at shows. My set-up works in almost all kind of locations. But i also love places, which maybe provide a piano :) End of November i will release my new record "Fantasies & Fine Lines". I will be on tour in Germany and play about 30 shows in the next months. And i would love to come to Austria too, to play some first shows over there. I have already 2 dates in mind: 26./27.03.2020. So if you like my music and you have any idea for a little show on one of these dates in Vienna or somewhere in the north of Austria - please feel free to send me a message.

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