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Hi! My name is Manu Vera Tudela, i´m a Peruvian musician, singer songwriter and guitar player from Peru (living current in Vienna). My music is inspired by the nature, landscapes, travels and inner journeys, in a gentle folk music with latinoamerican rythyms influences and blues. My songs are inspired specially in intimate spaces and landscapes of ourselves. I´ve released four LP´s and one EP, going trought mellow acoustic songs to raw electric and experimental ones. With my music, i work to create a space where beauty expresses itself in it´s diferents ways. I love traveling and I´ve performed all over Peru, also in southamerican countries as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, and European countries as Greece, Spain, France and Austria. I´m living here in Vienna for learning German and studying music. So i´ll be here on the 29th of June, and I would to be part of the music invasion in the city. Actually, two argentineans friends, also songwriters, are coming to Vienna in the end of June, and would be awesome to share space with them. They are Juan Nazar & Inés Guëmes (link in YouTube in videos). We have similar music styles, and we have performed before in Lima, Peru. So, if any host is called for original and contemporary music from southamerica, in Spanish, a nice musical environment, we would be pleased to share our songs. Love, from Manu.

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