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Granfalloon + Lobelia live stream

Fri 05 Jun
20:00 - 22:30
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It's the first Friday of the month so I'll be once performing a special show live form my home studio in Manchester! This one will be extra special as it will be on my birthday! So come join and celebrate with me. I'll be streaming outside as I've installed my entire studio my yard especially for the show. As usual I'll be streaming at 8pm from And happy to announce as with the last two we'll be reuniting the dream-stream-team of myself and Lobelia! The night just wouldn't feel the same without her playing. Lobelia will be streaming at 7pm over at and then will 'raid' over to my page (magically transporting you all to my channel). Hope to see you all there. Presence is the best present #coiningit
#barbecue #outdoor #Omnichord #birthday #bubbles #folktronica #folk #altfolk



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