Guided exhibition tour and introduction photography!

Fri 06 Mar
16:00 - 21:00
Free entry
Hi there!   We, creative coworking space CLUSTER, are welcoming you to our Gallery Photon and our Fotostudio ZP Fotografie. We are going to walk together through our actual exhibition "Butoh. Dance of Darkness" and our curator is going to tell you some informations about. After that we are introducing our fotostudio and the darkroom. We are speaking about photography today and you can also see some historical photographic process like Wetplate collodion. You can get all information about our actual workshops directly.  This Event is free, you are paying just for the great coffee made by our barista Coffee & case you are taking some of corse :)  Hope to see you and to welcome you to our first freilich open arts event!  Team Cluster
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