HUGGY BEARS 2020: Fabian Faltin und Daphna Horenczyk

Wed 23 Sep
19:30 - 22:00
10 - 20 EUR
Im Oktober 2020 zeigen die Teilnehmenden des Mentoringprogramms HUGGY BEARS das Ergebnis ihres einjährigen Arbeitsprozesses. Mittwoch, 23. sowie Donnerstag, 24. September 2020 Fabian Faltin: Would be Wood Just as Austria is hitting peak prosperity, its saturated and diseased citizens dream of returning to the woods. How would such a wood economy work? Puzzling together financial data and bourgeois family trees, a mysterious baroque mural and soviet industrial heroism, WOULD BE WOOD tells the true tale of one man’s journey to the new frontiers of western civilization. Daphna Horenczyk: DIORAMA:stories In times of a share and like economy, the value of real-life experience is dwarfed by the ever-inflating value of the story told about the experience. Documentation, manipulation and online-reproduction is taking over, creating alternative realities. In our constant consumption of information (our feed), images and ideas appear in random eclectic juxtaposition---each image affecting our perception of the next one as we scroll down. Our emotions are jolted and our capacity for empathy is reduced. DIORAMA:stories dissects the image/story-making process exposing the audience to both the online stories and their making. Morphing images in a constantly-changing diorama aims to subvert the idea: “If it wasn’t documented it didn’t happen”.
#jungeKunst #jungeSzene
Price: 10 - 20 EUR


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