HUGGY BEARS 2020: The Rhizomatic Circus Collective und mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni mit Hyeji Nam

Fri 25 Sep
19:30 - 23:00
10 - 20 EUR
Im Oktober 2020 zeigen die Teilnehmenden des Mentoringprogramms HUGGY BEARS das Ergebnis ihres einjährigen Arbeitsprozesses. Freitag, 25. sowie Samstag, 26. September 2020 mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni, Hyeji Nam: Zensitive Hyeji Nam and mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni’s new work Zensitive which has been developed through the year is again a meditative experience composed with sound, visual arts, body and breath, which brings the performers and the audience into the state of euphoria and dysphoria. It is composed with their previous works “papagkahiwalay ng mag espiritu“ [language: Tagalog] and 안의기억 (korean: an-ui gieog ≈ memory inside), emphasising the ritualistic aspect of bodies, bodies which are an object, a sculpture, an abstraction of emotions and perceptions. Zensitive is all about spacing the bodies by absorbing, balancing and transforming with the strengths outside of our physical form. The Rhizomatic Circus Collective: disruption stories Hardly any object is so firmly anchored in our households and accompanies our everyday life as casually and consistently as the refridgerator. This well-known, mostly white industrial product opens up private and collective areas. Told of isolation and intelligent objects, abundance and emptiness, thrift and waste, enjoyment and disgust, eating and being eaten, love and abstinence, gender and culture, life and its contamination...1,000 to 1 million microorganisms live on every square centimeter of a refrigerator.  The object mutates, reacts, changes meaning and form. The freezer drips. The world blurs. This rhizomatic circus performance zooms into the interior of a refrigerator and moves into a wide field, together - alone, with many questions and few answers. Trigger Warning: You could find yourself confronted with exstatic electronic live music, hypnotic visual overload and at least one fridge, humans and other entities.
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Price: 10 - 20 EUR


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