Inflow: Cula [Digital Art]

19 - 23. May
Free entry
◾ We live in a microcosm nowadays where everyone's time is limited - especially when it comes to the unknown. For this reason we want to introduce you to various Vienna-based artists through Inflow: and give you insight into the motives, inspirations and thoughts behind their work. Inflow: is an A/V access behind the individual stories of the artists and their works. ◾ This micro-exhibition is designed in such a way that the artist guides you through the exhibition by video* and accompanies you step by step through the works. All you have to do is come by and bring your headphones with you - the Artist will tell you the rest. *A tablet including headphones will be available on site. ◾ Our exhibition will open from 4pm without an official opening but the Artist and the FJU: staff will be there so you can come by and have a chat with us. The number of visitors to the project space is limited to 4 people. Open from Wendesday till Sunday from 4pm until 8pm. ◾ Courtesy of the culture platform FJU: Info: | See less


Dino B