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Kristen Lee Sergeant: Autumn Nocturne

Sun 27 Sep
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‘Autumn’, you say. ‘In New York’, we are instinctive to finish, the mind already painting the black and white thirties, when the collective immigrant genius was crafting its dream city. Then she takes a note. The nostalgic postcard from a century ago magically gains colour as Kristen Lee Sergeant, dressed in red, spells her New York of velvet whisper and silky vibrance.  For the last sigh of September, we’ll follow Kristen into her invisible labyrinth of subterranean clubs of Greenwich village and, passing through the tangled backstreets of cigar bars and cabaret pubs, straight into Broadway and its Birdland Theatre -- all the places of her personal Manhattan that she has condensed in two jazz albums - Inside Out and Smolder - telling her stories of autumn leaves and wrong lips kissed. It is a lullaby for the day about to end, for the summer that is gone, for a century that has been lived. It is an autumn nocturne that is wise and soothing with its promise.  Kristen Lee Sergeant - vocals, arrangements and song Hannah Marks - bass
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