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Live! Atzur & Siamese Elephants

Wed 01 Apr
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Live on Youtube! ATZUR ATZUR are Spanish pianist/singer Patricia and Austrian-Iranian drummer Paul. Since winter 2018 they have been making music together in Vienna. With minimalistic setup (classical piano, analog synthesizer, acoustic drums) they transport great feelings. ATZUR is the lovechild of Florence + The Machine and Twenty One Pilots. Their music lives in two worlds: a dreamy, abstract, pop, but also a raw, immediate and punk one. On one side is depth and thoughtfulness of the lyrics, on the other driving drums. Piano and synthesizer connect the head, feelings, thoughts, vulnerable but self-confident, and the body and beat, rousing and hypnotic. You never know which side dominates an ATZUR song and into which world they will take us listeners. Siamese Elephants Growing up with the indie rock revival of the 2000s, SIAMESE ELEPHANTS want to bring it back, not only to the present, but also to the future. With funkiness suitable for the dance floor as well as earwig pop melodies. They call this anachronistically the queen approach: rock music in a classical band lineup with a license to slip into any genre they're in the mood for. The current single Dancing in the City is a tribute to the vibrant urban life, where you're never alone, but sometimes lonely. Produced by Tino Romana from the band CRISPIES.


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