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LUIZ GABRIEL LOPES - Translantic Reunion

Thu 22 Oct
Donation 4 - 497 EUR
If life gives you a pandemic, find a beautiful Portuguese forest, take your guitar there, invite musician friends and call it an artistic residence.  This is what Luiz Gabriel Lopes did, turning the eight unplanned months of a lock down into new songs. Today he is finally back to his native Brazil, and we are preparing our first transatlantic digital concert with him. Luiz will share his new songs, as well as play the greatest hits from his previous albums and lives. For those of you who have not yet met this singer and songwriter from Belo Horizonte, Luiz is a man of a crystal voice, an alchemist turning feelings into musical harmony.  When asked about his story, he’ll tell you about his provincial origins and having no big names in the family.  His lyrics are a therapy for all of us suffering from distance and loss. His minimalistic, pure music is another way of saying hope.  Here is full discography for you to warm up: If there is a song that you particularly love, just let us know at and we'll let him know in advance so that he can prepare it for you! Will I have a good sound? We make sure that the artists have the fastest internet connection possible and are properly geared. We run numerous soundchecks prior to the concert to make sure you have the best audio experience!
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