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Mai Ling Speaks #03

Fri 12 Jun
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a series of online performances, lectures and interviews connecting the active voices that are dealing with the anti-Asian ramifications of these exceptional times. How can we find community and solidarity at a time where anti-Asian xenophobia related to Covid-19 is escalating? What are the tools needed to contest this new normality and what everyday practices of solidarity can be performed? Mai Ling Speaks is a subversive format aiming to diverge the discourse towards the individuals and communities affected while, at the same time, creating a discursive platform that bridges artistic practices with theory. About Echoraeume  Echoraeume is an open source initiative to empower ongoing cultural life during times of corona crisis. We aim to create an open-source, non-proprietary platform, where small and medium sized organizers can continue to host events, invite artists and therefore buffer the upcoming cultural drop out. In times of normality, art is there to interrogate if there’s a crisis. In times of crisis, art is there to maintain normality. Date and Time for the Broadcast:  7./21. May; 12./25. June at 8 pm (European time) Live Stream at Previous episodes of Mai Ling Speaks:  Mai Ling Speaks #01
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Mai Ling