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Never Come Down – An Exhibition On Life

Sun 26 Apr
Donation 2 - 10 EUR
The Web App is here:  To access it, type in the address in your mobile phone.  Concept: On the walls of my home hang the photos, stories and art of the most important people in my life, past and present. With this exhibit I want to tell you about my story, and the impact that each and every one of these people, who hang on this wall have had on me. All of them have helped me become the person that I am and are all part of the reason I am here today. Using these frames I created the concept of ‘Never Come Down’ with the intention to never take them down. A daily reminder of community, love, and life. Each frame has a personalised narration. Each of these narrations were done in one take. The objective being to keep it as raw and truthful as possible. To hear them, I have a built an immersive app just for the exhibit which will accompany you as you join me in the clouds. The web app will be available to access at the time of the event. For more information:


Zachary Kutz, host, profile image
Zachary Kutz