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Online English Comedy Night

Fri 19 Feb
5 - 10 EUR
The lockdowns have been rough and the regulations are still tight, but that doesn't mean we have to go through it alone! Thanks to the glory that is the internet, we can still come together and laugh from the comfort of our own homes! We've got the lights, the camera, and we're ready for action! We've even created an INTERACTIVE LAUGH TRACK that turns your typed haha's and lol's into an audiovisual experience right on screen! And of course, we're putting our best foot forward and presenting you with one of the best comedians that Austria has to offer! REGINALD BÄRRIS (USA) is one of fastest rising up-and-comers in continental Europe. Before these "troubling times," Bärris regularly toured the international circuit and headlined 60+ cities in more than 20 countries! He has also performed in several major international fesivals (Sziget Festival, Utrecht International Comedy Festival, and more). And now he's making his debut in your living room for the Online English Comedy Night! Just because we're distant, doesn't mean we can't be social! Grab your ticket today and join us for an evening of fun and laughter. And the best part: You don't even have to put on pants! Doors Open: 20:00 Show Starts: 20:30 Entry: 5€ (URL to the online event will be emailed to ticketholders) Tickets:
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Price: 5 - 10 EUR


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