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Play it for her: A private online concert by Guilherme Pimenta & Pablo Arrudo

Sun 20 Sep
21:00 - 22:00
Donation 4 - 500 EUR
It has become a necessity, a missing tune to the symphony of life - visiting Guilherme Pimenta and Pablo Arruda in their house in Rio de Janeiro. A house which - for all of us scattered around this planet - has become a virtual temple of true music and meaning.  For their next concert the two virtuoso composers have keyed up their instruments to play political and social change. This Sunday, their violin and double bass will tell the story of women. The women who have never found a page in the heavy volumes of the history of arts. The women who have composed music. Built music academies. Inspired thousands of minds to learn an instrument.  Both Gui and Pablo believe that studying, playing and helping others enjoy the works of female composers is their act of citizenship. A unique way of translating their critical thinking into a tangible contribution to a social and political change.  They have condensed years of admiration for female composers into an hour of pleasure dedicated to seven women, some long gone, some living next door. Our journey will have many stops across time.  While visiting the 19th century, we’ll meet Chiquinha Gonzaga, the first Brazilian female conductor who gave Rio’s choro its first piano taste while also writing the first carnival march. As we step into the 20th century we’ll pay a visit to Cuba to discover María Teresa Vera, who never conformed to the role of a performer, composing, playing her guitar and becoming the symbol of trova, a cuban genre that only accepts but proper poetry into its lyrics.  Approaching our days, we’ll actually go back to choro, this time composed by Luciana Rabello, who’s instrument of absolute passion is cavaquinho, a small guitar originating in Minho, north of Portugal, that has defined popular Brazilian music. Luciana is the founder of the first choro label in the country who also started a choro school that is currently teaching over a thousand students.  The next four artists are all Gui and Pablo’s contemporaries. Carol Panesi is a multi-instrumentalist creating for trumpet, violin and piano. Joana Queiroz composes for clarinet, mixing in saxophone and voice. Renata Neves composes for violin, preserving the tropical flavour of traditional rhythms in her work. Finally, Aline Gonçalves composes for clarinet while directing music for many other bands.  Gui and Pablo will play it for her, will you listen with us?
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