Tattoos & Rhythms in Frank's living room

Sat 16 Nov
Donation 5 - 15 €
1200  Vienna
With this session, we will revive the multi-artistic character of Freilich sessions. đŸŽšđŸŽ”đŸŽ­ We will combine tattoo arts with a musical act. Be excited for an exhibition and open discussion with Danilo Delfino, a young Brazilian tattoo artist living in Vienna. Danilo's drawings and tattoos are famous for their delicate lining and floral motives. His style has become internationally popular, so he frequently travels for tattooing sessions to New York, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and Barcelona. Also, get ready for Picaro(s), who will present a mix of Gypsy-funky melodies with deeper electronic rhythms. So hyped for this! đŸ€—
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Frank Schulleri, host, profile image
Frank Schulleri