Telezipation | Separuj? - Opening

Mon 22 Jun
18:00 - 21:00
Free entry
Telezipation Interactive video installation, 2020 Telezipation is a play on the words “tele” (Greek for distant) and “participation” (Latin origin). So one could translate Telezipation as “distance participation”. In his article “Virus, Virality, Virtuality” Peter Weibel writes about the emergence of the first long-distance society in human history. Many business premises had to be closed temporarily or completely. Can the installation transform these places into sites of encounters through the long-distance participation of individuals in the form of their shadows? Supervisors: Rini Tandon, Martin Kusch, Stefano D'Alessio Telezipation is a part of remote sandbox, a project developed at the Department of Digital Arts/Ruth Schnell for the Angewandte Festival 2020. Verena Tscherner Location: Improper Walls, Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Vienna, (Instagram) Die Angewandte Angewandte Festival 2020 – alternate.mode Improper Walls And also to be seen at the same time inside the gallery: Separuj? Interactive sound installation (in collaboration with children from segregated Roma community in Banská Bystrica, SK) During the exhibition, Barbora Horská will present her diploma project (2019, Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica, SK) about segregation, sound and recycling. Theoretical base for this project comes from a study of value of items by Michael Thomson (Rubbish Theory, 1979), that states that value is a changeable characteristic. Project itself questions the principles of recycling that is not only based on separation of materials but process itself can only downgrades the material's value. Instead, project focuses on creative and playful ways of looking at things from a different perspective and tries to find a hidden value of the object, initially labeled as garbage. Focusing on sound brings our attention to present moment and is trying to prove that with right intention and tools can be something valuable found in everything.


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