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The 1st AI Art Competition for New Artists

07. Apr - 30. Sep
Donation 50 - 50 USD
If you are a visual artist and want to explore AI art, please check this out! You can show off your talent in Asia (South Korea) AI Art Gallery 'AIA' is holing 'the 1st AI Art Competition for New Artists' to discover new and talented artists.  1. How to apply? You submit your cover letter and portfolio of your existing artworks. -> (please find the application format on our website. Scroll all the way down!) 2. Is there an entry fee? Yes, it's 50 USD but, you can get paid back your entry fee if you apply early! Don't miss the early-submission (by June 07) 3. When is the deadline for the submission? Sep. 30th! * Eary-submission by June 07 (Sun)     Regular-submission by Sep.30 (Wed) 24:00 (KST) 4. What's the next step after the submission? AIA team will get in touch with you after carefully revising all applications. Then, you will get informed of the theme of the competition and you will have time till the end of September to create and submit your artwork with AI tools. * The earlier you apply for it, the more time you will have to work on your artwork with the theme of the competition. 5. I don't know anything about AI tools! Do you provide any AI tools? We encourage artists to use the AI open source tools such as : -NVIDIA's GauGAN -Google's Deep Dream Generator -RunwayML -Ostagram -Playform -Viosionist -GoArt -Deep Angel -GANBreeder  -AutoDraw -AI Painter -Quick, Draw! -Sketch-RNN Demos - Cartoonify etc. If you have your own AI tools, you can use them also! Some of them are free and some require a monthly subscription. You can explore them and find the right one for your artworks! We're planning of posting tutorials of some of them on our slack community. Feel free to join our   6. What if I have more questions?  We have an open group chat where you can freely ask questions in real-time. (Slack) (Telegram) 7. I'd like to get to know about the prize and perks for the winners! You can check our website where you can find more details! (AIA's website)
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Yeongeun Park, host, profile image
Yeongeun Park