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The Quarantine Concerts

Sun 10 May
21:00 - 23:30
Donation 5 - 500 USD
2:00PM CST Amanda Gutierrez (Abu Dhabi), Stuart Jackson (Canada), and Tuomo Tiisala (Helsinki) 2:30PM CST Leah Asher + Maya Bennardo (NYC) 3:30PM CST Billie Howard AKA Akosuen (Chicago) 3:30-4:30PM CST Piano+ #20 Stepančić.Gidron Ana Gnjatović - Walking with or without Bernhard Sarah Hughes - Kissing Repeat: A Study in Spatial Complexity Stepančić.Gidron - 5,10,20 performed by Stepančić.Gidron duo (Teodora Stepančić and Assaf Gidron) ___________________________________ The Quarantine Concerts are a collaborative endeavor meant to provide artists a space to share their work and continue to earn a living during this time when most live performance opportunities have been cancelled due to COVID-19. We believe in the necessity of art during difficult moments like these, and feel fortunate to live in a time when loss of mobility does not have to mean loss of community. Thank you for being here. Suggested donation of $5/concert - think of it like paying cover to a concert! 100% of the donations contributed during each performance go to the artists who played that day. Today's concert was curated by Billie Howard.
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