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Porn Film Festival Vienna was launched in 2018 and started its existence by posing an easy (yet strangely hard to answer) question: "What is porn?". 2020 sees the festival return with the challenging objective to showcase and celebrate the colorful diversity of porn and stimulate an open societal debate. The next issue will deal with the body and sexuality as a guiding principle: "WHAT IS SEX?" will be the central question of the festival and exhibition at Improper Walls. This question is the core of the theoretical confrontation. Our collaboration takes the shape of a 5-week long exhibition project which includes a group show, discussions and performances throughout the program. The exhibition aims to open up a dialogue between artworks/artists and the public to reflect the connotation of various concepts such as sex, sexuality, porn, gender, pleasure, fantasy, reality and the discrepancy between spectatorship and experience. Porn offers a wide array of possibilities, a room of diversity. Yet, it is also a strongly mainstream-oriented and heteronormative genre. How can we break the barriers of this monotony and potentially male gaze? How can queer/feminist porn unfold its subversive and creative potential? Participating Artists:   Alexandru Cosarca , Alice Moe, Berivan Sayici, David Meran, Johanna Bruckner, Kamran Behrouz, Laura Stoll, Marko Markovic, Nam Hyeji, Nora Scherer, Nora Staggl, Offerus Ablinger, Philosophy Unbound and Romina Achatz. --------------------------------------------- ꜰᴜʟʟ ᴘʀᴏɢʀᴀᴍ 02.09.2020: Vernissage 09.09.2020: TBA 16.09.2020: Kamran Behrouz// Lecture Performance: Phenomenology of the third body 23.09.2020 : Laura Stoll // Performance: Paraphilia 30.09.2020: Nora Scherer // Performance: There are certain rules Alexandru Cosarca // Performance: Online-Offline 03.10.2020: Alice Moe // Performance: Radical softness Philosophy Unbound // Lecture: How to artistically portray bodily intimacy? How to transfer feel, touch and closeness into different media?


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