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Vienna's First Queer Comedy Club PCCC* #14: Stay the f* home!

Thu 23 Apr
Donation 1 - 10 EUR
If you can't go to your favourite comedy Show, your favourite comedy show will come to you!  But how? No, we will not wrap our Comedians and have them delivered to your apartment. No, we will definitely not use hologram technology. No, we also won't turn into a circus and travel around in little cars with chimneys (Note to self: Put circus idea on dream board) We will do the next best thing: Stream the whole Comedy Extravaganza to Facebook! Unfortunately you'll miss out on the cozyness of queuing for the Garderobe, the fun fight for your seat after the break and the joy of Becherpfand.  For once, you'll have to put up with your cozy pants, your store-bought booze and your warmed-up sofa. But you can expect an evening of laugh-out-loud video comedy by your favourite comedians. ALL OF THEM!
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