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Waves Festival 2020

10 - 12. Sep
0 - 45 EUR
Waves Festival is Vienna’s first club- and showcase festival and works with its motto „East meets West“. This year's edition will look and feel a bit different. In the last few months, we have worked out and played through a multitude of possibilities and concept variations – up to and including a local relocation of the festival! Unfortunately, the Corona-related conditions that would apply to our Waves alternative scenarios also make it economically impossible for us to realize the live part of the festival. Therefore we had to decide with a heavy heart to limit the Waves Festival this year to the Hybrid-Conference and the planned concert streaming with public viewing in the WUK-Hof. But we are not discouraged, we are already working on a program for 2021 that will compensate for the Covid year 2020! We have invited numerous national and international acts to participate in the Waves Festival 2020 via stream. The online channels are available with a pay-as-you-wish streaming ticket, which you can get at the link below, and will offer about 50 shows. Find the streaming acts in the list above. Concerning the restrictions resulting from Corona, we would like to ask you to keep an eye on our Corona FAQs, which we constantly update and respond to new developments. More details about Waves Festival 2020: pay-as-you-wish streaming ticket and tickets for our public viewing at WUK: // Line-up 2020 (updated regularly) // [LEAK] (DE) 7AM (SI) INES#talent 9Bach (UK) Ätna (DE) INES#talent Alicia Edelweiss (AT) Annie Taylor (CH) Balans (SI) INES#talent BOKKA (PL) INES#talent Crimer (CH) Crush (AT) Dakh Daughters (UA) Das bisschen Totschlag (DE) INES#talent Deep Glaze (HU) Deva (HU) Douniah & Pachakuti (DE) Eugenia Post Meridiem (IT) INES#talent Farce (AT) Flut (AT) Fo Sho (UA) Gigi Masin (IT) Griff(UK) Warner Music Night Vienna (Virtual Acoustic Session) Happyness (UK) HMS Morris (UK) Jakob Kobal (SI) INES#talent JC Stewart (IE) Warner Music Night Vienna (Virtual Acoustic Session) Jessiquoi(CH) INES#talent Julia Church(ZA) June Cocó (DE) INES#talent Karel (NL) Karpov Not Kasparov (RO) INES#talent KiTZ (DE) Krapka;Koma (UA) Lazy Day (UK) INES#talent Lizki (DE) Lou Asril (AT) Lulu Schmidt(AT) Maisie Peters(UK) Warner Music Night Vienna (Virtual Acoustic Session) Market (CZ) INES#talent Mayvie (LI) Misia Furtak (PL) INES#talent Mynth (AT) Nava (IT) INES#talent Noisy Pots (CZ) Núria Graham (ES) INES#talent Nürnberg (BY) Oska (AT) Panic Shack (UK) Pavvla (ES) INES#talent Porridge Radio (UK) Rosemary Loves A Blackberry (RU) S1mba (UK) Warner Music Night Vienna (Virtual Acoustic Session) Sam Florian(SE) INES#talent Scotch & Water(DE) Shelter Boy (DE) Shishi(LT) INES#talent SPQR (UK) INES#talent Stefanie Schrank (DE) Sumie (SE) Swutscher(DE) The Bad Tones(LV) The Bland (SE) INES#talent The Castle (UA) The Zepyhr Bones (ES) INES#talent Thumper (UK) Tik Tu(UA) Titus Waldner (DE) TseSho (UA) Umme Block (DE) Weed & Dolphins (BY) Whales (PT) INES#talent Xul Zolar (DE) Zimbru (RO) INES#talent
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Price: 0 - 45 EUR


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