Weak Potentials by Jakob Sellaoui - Opening

Fri 03 Jul
19:00 - 23:00
Free entry
Opening of the exhibition WEAK POTENTIALS by Jakob Sellaoui Weak Potentials investigates the domain of construction as an open archive, uncovering both the pleasures and disappointments of the material world. In looking beyond the act of making as strictly a means to an end, the exhibition examines its process as a fragile territory, where form is constantly re-negotiated. Resulting in on-site material assemblies, building conventions and tectonic protocols are suspended and their script re-written. Supporting structures, by-products and makeshift-tactics take over, hijacking the formalized world of building. Proposing the possibility of a “good-enough architecture” in which the non-iconic, fleeting and frail persists. Jakob Sellaoui is an Austrian-american architect and educator based in Vienna. Within his practice architecture is understood as a cultural process, where built projects and theoretical investigation operate side by side, critically engaging with our contemporary reality. Up to date the studio has realized and ongoing projects in diverse scales and environments including Austria, Nicaragua, US and Japan. Its work has received several awards including the Austrian Cultural Ministry's Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky Grant, the Ahead Award and the Schindler Residency at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles. https://jakobsellaoui.com https://architektur-im-magazin.at
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