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Hey, I'm Open Piano for Refugees!
Vienna, Austria
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We are the crazy people who put those grand pianos in the streets of Vienna (but also many other cities in Austria and Germany). You know us? ;-) Well, we also have a social music institute called DoReMi with about 170 (mostly low income) students in the fourth semester right now. Our music lessons are affordable to everyone, since it's "pay what you can"! ( Music Institute = Rooms with instruments and enough space to do some concerts <3 So we have a quite big room for like 30-35 people with a grand piano in it and if needed also another E-Piano. Also we would have some equipment like mics, amps, etc. if needed but actually we try to stay acoustic. We would like to open our location to more people than just our students and teachers and the people who are working here. We would like to give this room to musicians, who like what we do and have the same vibe. We always prepare some drinks and maybe even snacks for the people who are coming. Since Open Piano for Refugees and DoReMi is only financed by the crowd (and we are mostly voluntarily working in this one) it would be awesome if we could maybe share some of the donations of the concerts (no must!). But let's discuss that when the time comes and also how many people and donations will be in the end. <3 We might even go Facebook-live during the concerts so it reaches more people. Check out our facebook-page... could reach a lot then: Musicial greetings in F-Major
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music hosting
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1090 Wien, Austria
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max. 40 Persons
We are a social music institute, and guess what.. we have a GRAND PIANO and SPACE <3 Some drinks and snacks are normally provided, don't blame us if not... The piano is before/after the concert an "Open Piano" so feel free to jam!

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